Diyaluma Falls

As a landscape laden in rugged terrain and rich in natural wonders, Ella is the perfect location to enjoy an array of adventure activities. From kayaking around its waterways to enjoying a walk on the wild side in the rainforests nearby, there’s more than one way to experience the thrills and spills of adventure on an Ella getaway.

Other activity highlights to explore in Ella include hiking and trekking in some of the area’s most breathtaking jungle landscapes while fishing enthusiast will also find a plethora of angling opportunities in the region. Mountain biking fanatics can also rent a bike from a local rental or resort and cycle down the hilly and stunning landscapes of Ella with the wind at one’s back and captivating scenery all around. Travellers who wish to test their climbing skills will also find the many mountains and rock surfaces in Ella are ideal for rope climbing activities. Ella’s temperate and mild climate makes most adventure activities a more pleasant experience than elsewhere in Sri Lanka where the heat and humidity plays a role in the types of excursions one can sign up for.

Bird watchers based in Ella are in for a treat as a wide variety of winged beauties call this part of the island home and a birding expedition into the natural reserves of Ella is bound to bring many of these colourful creatures into plain view.