Getting to Ella

Sri Lanka boasts of several touristy places. Among its almost countless tourist attractions, Ella retains a special place. Tourists keep on getting attracted to Ella, simply because of its mild temperature: neither too hot nor too cold.

You have three convenient modes of transport: train, bus and private vehicle. The train journey is not only the cheapest option, but it also provides you with a picturesque journey – in fact, it is considered the most picturesque one in the world. The bus journey could be a bit tired and the private vehicle journey could be a bit expensive.

You can book the observation deck, luxury air-conditioned compartment, 1st class A/C compartment or 2nd class non-A/C reserved seats. The Ella-bound train starts from the Colombo Fort station. From Colombo, it will take three hours roughly to get to Kandy. And from the Kandy station, your picturesque journey to Ella will begin. It will take about six hours, but the journey is still worth. And do not forget to keep your eyes open when the train passes Hatton to Haputale. During the journey, you can set your sights on green tea estates, tunnels, farming fields, villages and various kinds of forests among other things.

Though a bit more expensive, it is practical to book the luxury compartments since it is a long journey. The compartments will serve food and beverage, which is an absent feature in a normal train journey. When you book the observation deck, check if you could have the last four seats first. Those seats will give you a better view.