Cultural Sites

While Ella is perhaps best known for the stunning waterfalls and tea plantations that dot its verdant landscapes, the area is also home to a number of cultural points of interest.

The Dhowa Rock Temple is one such locale which draws local and foreign travellers to Ella as this ancient temple is believed to date back to the 1st century. Constructed during the reign of King Walagamba some of the most coveted features of this sacred space include its incomplete sculpture of the Buddha as well as the beautifully preserved murals decorating the interior walls of the shrine. The Adisham Bungalow is another iconic structure which is housed within driving distance of Ella. A former monastery, the iconic homestead is now a tourist attraction with its own strawberry farm.

Little Adam’s Peak is also found in Ella and the area is not only ideal for a morning hike but a cultural hotspot in its own right. Ella Rock in another must-visit site for all culture buffs touring the area as it is connected with many a legend and also perfect for walking and trekking activities while also offering panoramic views of the surrounding region from its vaulted height.

One of Ella’s lesser-known attractions includes the Ravana Cave and Temple which is located atop one of the area’s many mountains. The caves are believed to reach deep inside the mountain and are also connected to the Ravana Falls according to local folklore. The Temple outside the cave is dedicated to the worship of Ravana, of the Ramayana fame who famously kidnapped King Rama’s consort, Sita.