Diyaluma Falls

Seemingly tranquil by the flourishing tourism industry in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Ella retains its charm and delicateness. Streams, waterfalls, and plantations are aplenty while this much-loved village is also dotted with human habitation.

This long and lean waterfall has a touch of the renowned Angel’s falls here in beautiful Sri Lanka. Although this 220m fall is the second highest waterfall in the country, it looks a lot taller in appearance and is absolutely breathtaking.


Bourne from a fascinating legend, the Diyaluma Falls is believed to have been created from the bereaved tears of a great king. Having fallen in love with a low caste woman, the two decided to elope together but on arriving at the destination, the woman got entangled with the rocks and plummeted to her death. The grief-stricken king retreated to the mountains and cried away for years and it is these tears that are believed to have created the spectacular Diyaluma Waterfall.