Hidden waterfalls in Ella

Ella Gap Waterfall

The Ella Gap allows holidaymakers to witness truly spectacular views of the plains in the south of the island with ease. Having seen such panoramic sceneries, many arrive in Ella with a feeling of contentment.

If Ella’s glory could be summed up, it is the Ella Gap Waterfall that does it. Running from high in the hills down to Ella, the waterfall is quite spectacular. Visit the falls in the evening to bask in the sunset and get up close with the monkeys that gather around.

The Secret Waterfall

In the presence of this roaring serenity, time stood still on the brink of eternity. The Secret Waterfall is one of the most serene falls we have ever visited. It’s one of those places that make you want to just soak in the beauty and peace of the moment, leaving you desperately trying to imprint every sight, sound, and smell in your mind.

The Secret Waterfall, locally known as ‘Ellewala Waterfall’ is quite fairy-tale like since visitors who have been there won’t tell you where it is or give you directions. Half of the fun is in finding it, so I won’t give you the directions either.

Hint: It’s somewhere in Wellawaya, road next to Alikota Ara.