Ravana Falls

The famous legendary Ravana Falls is astounding to look at and comes with its very story, making it all the more fascinating. This spectacular waterfall cascades down a drop of 25m from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. From all over the island and the world, tourists come to witness this spectacular waterfall which especially comes to life during the local wet season.

The Origin of ‘Ravana’

Not too far from this cascading bliss is a mystic cave where excavations have uncovered evidence of life as far back as 25,000 years ago. But the stories that the legends tell, paints a different yet a more fascinating picture by themselves. In fact, the fall has even been even named after the mythical King Ravana, who according to the Ramayana, kidnapped Princess Sita in a feud of revenge for Rama. Ravana hid the princess away in the Ravana Ella Cave which was at that time somewhere in the middle of the wilderness surrounded by thick forests. The princess, while being hidden away used to bathe in a pool that formed from the water accumulating from the fall and it is this connection with the famous Hindu mythology that gives this waterfall the name Ravana Ella.

Tread carefully

If you look closely at the rock wall next to the base of the waterfall, you can see a death count is written in chalk on the wall. As gorgeous as the Ravana Falls is, her wrath is also quite infamous. You need to be very careful of your steps when walking to the cave and towards a picture-perfect spot of the waterfall. There are many rocks and currents hidden under water here, and one misstep could land you in all sorts of trouble.