Crazy Tuk Fares

Travellers who are hoping to explore Ella and its many attractions and activity bases during a holiday in the area should consider finding alternatives to three-wheelers or “Tuk-Tuks” unless they are metered. Unlike the capital, Colombo, where metered three-wheelers are easily available, the tourist destinations outside of the city are not serviced by as many metered taxis.

Tourists should refrain from enlisting the services of unmetered three-wheelers or Tuk-Tuks as the drivers will demand exorbitant fares and swindle unsuspecting visitors into paying twice or thrice as much as the actual cost of the journey. Crazy fares are part and parcel of the gamble visitors take on when they hop inside an unmetered three-wheeler. If one has no choice but to use a Tuk-Tuk without a meter, it is important to negotiate the fare before embarking on the ride as drivers can quote steep fares for short journeys as well as longer excursions.

Travellers should note that public buses and cycling are less costly alternatives available in Ella as a viable means of transport when compared to the cost of travelling on unmetered Tuk-Tuks. While three-wheelers are a better option for short trips and easily available on the roadside in Ella, this particular means of getting around can prove to be a risky one for travellers on a budget.