Hiking Essentials

Regarded as one of the best destinations in all of Sri Lanka for hiking and trekking activities, exploring the verdant wilderness of Ella is a must for all visitors who tour the breathtaking region. There are essential gears, all hikers who hope to hit the nature trails in the area must secure before heading out into the wild outdoors.

Hikers should always have appropriate footwear for hiking activities as everyday sneakers are not suitable for rugged landscapes. Trail shoes are the perfect fit while hiking boots are also recommended for those who hope to be trekking in muddy conditions. A map of the hiking area and a compass / GPS device will also come in handy as many of the hiking trails in Ella are laden in forested regions which are cut off from the main road. Remember to pack bottled water and a snack to enjoy on the way as hiking in hilly terrain can be tiring if refreshments are not on hand but make sure your meals are light as a heavy meal can hinder hiking speed.

Although sudden showers are not common in Ella, being prepared for rainy weather conditions is a must for all hikers. Pack a raincoat and a hat to stay dry from the elements and dress in layers so as to remove and add on clothes if it gets cold or warm. A first aid kit and a Swiss Army Knife will also come in handy when one encounters leaches along the way.

Now for the annoying leeches. These little worms attach themselves to your skin and suck your blood. Sounds gross but is not painful nor dangerous. Keep an eye on your leg and keep pulling them away. You can also use salt to force them to leave your skin or burn their tail and they will leave.