The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When it comes to the best things about Ella, the hilltop holiday Mecca is a dream destination for nature lovers looking to spend some time in a sleepy hill town. Laden with exciting hiking and climbing trails, Ella also provides visitors with a plethora of exciting activities including bird watching, rock climbing, jungle trekking and mountain biking. The area is a well-known for the many waterfalls and other natural wonders that line its confines. As one of Sri Lanka’s tea producing precincts, Ella is also perfect for tea lovers and the area’s many cafes and restaurants are renowned for the many delightful culinary offerings in the menus.

While Ella is a thriving tourist hub, those who are in search of an active nightlife scene or indoor recreational distractions may find that there’s little to do in the area. As the many highlights and activities in the region are geared towards nature enthusiasts the area is bereft of retail hotspots and other tourist necessities the likes of bars and drinking holes unless one is based in a hotel with its own pub.

Getting around Ella can prove to be a challenge for those who rely on three-wheelers as most of the Tuk-Tuks in the area are unmetered and drivers swindle unsuspecting tourists into paying more for rides.