Enjoying cool and mild weather conditions for most of the year, Ella is a hill country vacation hub which is a viable holiday hotspot all year round. The best time to visit Ella, however, according to weather patterns, falls between the months of October to February when the sunny but temperate climatic conditions are ideal for outdoor activities. The overall average temperature in the area differs very little throughout the year as humidity is not a factor in Ella as in most tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

The chance of rain is ever-present in this verdant corner of the island where the highest temperatures are recorded in the summer months of June, July and August. Even during this period, the humidity in Ella is low compared to other locations in the island as the hottest it gets in this mountainous countryside is around 30.9 degrees Celsius in the beginning of August.

While night time in Ella is cosy and comfortable, the temperature rarely dips below 18.3°C or 65°F, which makes Ella the perfect getaway option for travellers who are used to warm climates as well as cold weather experts. When it comes to prevalent wind conditions, Ella enjoys calm winds for most of the year with June being the windiest months of the year with August close behind, followed by February.