Adisham Monastery

One look at the Adisham Monastery and you will wonder if you really are in Sri Lanka. This Tudor style house constructed in the year 1931 was the former country home of Sir Thomas Villiers and is located on a ten-acre chunk of land with a garden that is just as picturesque as the building itself. Since 1961 the building has been converted to a monastery yet continues to retain its English charm that was very much present when it was occupied by Lady Villiers and Sir Thomas. An Elizabethan country mansion built to perfection, this place was designed with firm granite walls of locally quarried stone and long, turret chimneys and windows. Surrounding the house are spacious lawns and gardens that are adorned with multi-coloured cabbage roses bloom, English Tea and various fruits and vegetables. As you explore the stunning beauty of the bungalow and its surroundings you will be greeted with the pleasant calls of the blue magpies, green barbets, hornbills and a host of other birds. The monastery has a guest house where visitors can stay, and fresh jams and fruit cordials are sold here, the produce of which is used to maintain the monastery.