Ella Rock

Among the many attractions to please the eye of an avid traveller; from the sunny beaches to hilly mountains, and lush forests, none provides a more complete and balanced vacation experience than a hike on Ella Rock.

Considered a must climb attraction for those who prefer to hike and trek, the Ella Rock provides a thrilling experience with a challenging climb and a spectacular view of the valley below as a reward. What makes this vacation in the misty mountains of Sri Lanka an even more wholesome experience is the availability of star class accommodations such as the Secret Ella in the town of Ella where the surroundings are carefully blended with resort settings to allow one the feeling of being at one with nature. Set in an alluring tea estate nestled amidst mountains, one is only steps away from embarking on an exploration to discover the true beauty of the wilderness that awaits them beyond the forest boundaries.

In addition to the mighty climb, visitors are also advised to bring soap liquid or lime to fend off the great number of leeches that would be quite bothersome during the journey. Considered the highest peak in the Ella area, the Ella Rock is well worth the effort, especially following an early morning hike. The visitors will be treated to an unforgettable, captivating view of the flora and fauna in the country below, gradually set aglow by the rays of the rising sun.