Lipton’s Seat

Ride up to the summit of the tea bush covered mountain where you will be welcomed by crisp, fresh, and unpolluted air that is sure to heal your weary soul.

Located in the Haputale mountains, Lipton’s Seat is where Thomas Lipton back in 1890 started off what is today a lucrative tea manufacturing empire in the country. This famed viewpoint stands at 1970m above sea level and at least seven districts can be seen from this area.

The view from here rivals that of World’s End and on a clear day it is possible to see all the way to the coast. The most reliable time to get the view is in the early morning, the outlook is majestic and inspiring. The surroundings are utterly glorious. A small cafe that is perched on the cliff edge here serves the best Samosas available in Sri Lanka. Lipton’s Seat has great views of the tea plantations north of Haputale. You still can visit this factory and buy the most authentic Sri Lankan tea you can ever imagine. Lipton’s Seat offers a panoramic overlooking of destinations in Sri Lanka, the likes of Handapanagala lake, Chandrika lake, Uda walwe lake, Wedi hiti Kanda mountains, and also the Hambantota harbour located in the in the southern coastal area.