Mini Adams Peak

The Mini Adams Peak is probably one of the biggest and best attractions in Ella and a hike here is a must. The Adams Peak or Shripada in Sri Lanka is a sacred religious site and this Mini Adams Peak in Ella bears a striking resemblance to the former. The peak is 1,141 metres tall and is not too much of a tedious climb. The route up the mountain is scenic and the picturesque views all around will keep you enchanted as you walk through several plantations and stop to admire the many waterfalls that lie side by side with harvest-laden paddy fields.

The best time to climb the Mini Adams Peak is early in the morning so that the air is fresh and crisp, accompanied by the comforting warmth of the not too bright sun. The 360-degree viewpoint from the top of the rock is absolutely spellbinding and will render you speechless with its untouched natural beauty. The Mini Adams Peak is one of those places that truly signify the fact that Sri Lanka has so many natural treasures outside of beaches. The rock is pyramidal in shape and is home to vast amounts of plant and animal life that speak of the island’s rich bio-diversity.

On your way up the rock, you will inevitably come across plantation workers who pluck tea leaves early in the morning. The irregular and winding pathway that takes you to top ends with a summit that offers staggering sunrise views.